Motorlock 9524 with Retrofit Lock Tube

Motorlock 9524 with Retrofit Lock Tube

The 95XX series retrofit kit allows for the replacement of existing locks from any manufacturer with a high security Airteq motorized (9524) or pneumatic (9500) lock. The kit consists of a locktube which is welded to the face of the existing frame and a strike/pull plate which is bolted or welded to the face of the door. No frame or door modification is required other than filling of the existing hardware prep. This is a great low-cost option for replacing obsolete or sub-standard locks, or for adding remote unlocking capability to an existing door with only manual operation.

The retrofit kit is available for keyed one side and keyed both sides applications. For K2S applications, a cylinder hole must be drilled to the stop side of the frame and a cylinder ring provided by Airteq must be welded on. An existing door position sensor can be tied into the new lock, or a new Airteq 6200 DPS can be integrated into the locktube and strike/pull. The locktubes can be provided in standard 36” height, a custom height to run from floor to ceiling, or any size in between. Existing mortise key cylinders can be reused if desired.


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